The ultimate goal of this project is to translate the findings to different target audiences so that the use of PPIs will be influenced in the direction of being more rational and efficient. To achieve this, the following strategies have been/will be employed:

1. Dissemination of educational materials

We have been/will be publishing our research results in international peer-reviewed journals. We are exploring the possibility to incorporate our project findings in the national guidelines for general practitioners. In addition, we are working with the lectureres at the Maastricht and Utrecht University to include the research results in the educational materials for students in medicine and health science. 

2. Communications in educational meetings

Findings from this project have been/will be presented at international and national conferences for healthcare professionals.

3. Realization of educational outreach

We are exploring the possibility to organize a debate as a television talk show on issues related to the use and reimbursement of PPIs (for patients with different risk factors) among the representatives of the advisory boards of NHG and CBO (the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement), CVZ (the Dutch College for Health Insurance), and general practitioners .

We aim at publishing two popular articles for general readers in suitable magazines such as “Huisarts en Wetenschap” and “Medisch Contact”.  We are working with “De Hart&Vaatgroep” patient organization to disseminate the project findings via social media such Radio, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or patient leaflets.